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Importance of Papillary Muscle and Chordae Tendineae in Heart


Papillary Muscles
  • Muscles inside ventricles.

  • Originate from wall of ventricles.

  • Attached to cusps of atrioventricular valves via chordae tendineae

Chordae Tendineae
  • Fibrous cords

  • Connect papillary muscles to cusps of atrioventricular valve.


Prevent the inversion of the atrioventricular valves into atria

During systole

Pressure in ventricles increase

Tends to push atrioventricular valves and open them into atria

However, contraction of papillary muscles pulls the cusps of atrioventricular valves towards ventricles

Prevent the inversion of the valve into atria

No backflow of blood.

If papillary muscles get paralyzed or chordae tendineae rupture

High pressure in ventricles push opens the atrioventricular valves into atria

Backflow of blood from ventricles into the atria

Cardiac pumping is impaired.


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