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Golgi Apparatus

  • Located near the outer side of the endoplasmic reticulum.


  • Stack of thin, flat and slightly curved sacs.

  • Sacs:

    • Thin in the middle and dilated at the edges.

    • Not connected to each other.


Process and sort newly synthesized proteins.

Proteins are synthesized on rough endoplasmic reticulum

Packed in carrier vesicles

Reach the innermost sac of the Golgi apparatus

Pass through each sac one by one and are processed during this

Reach the outermost sac

Seggregated according to the destination

  • Secretory proteins: Packed in secretory vesicles ⟶ Stored ⟶ Upon appropriate signal ⟶ Secreted by the process of exocytosis.

  • Proteins to be sent to intracellular organelles: Packed in separate vesicles ⟶ go to the respective organelle.


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