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Ventricular Volume During Cardiac Cycle

End Systolic Volume
  • Its volume of blood left in the ventricles at the end of the systole.

  • Normally it's 50 ml in each ventricle.

End Diastolic Volume
  • It's the volume of blood in the ventricles at the end of the diastole.

  • Normally it's 120 ml in each ventricle.

Stroke Volume
  • Its volume of blood ejected by ventricles during each heartbeat.

  • Stroke volume = End Diastolic Volume - End Systolic Volume

  • Normally it's 70 ml for each ventricle.

Ejection Fraction
  • It's the fraction of end-diastolic volume that is ejected during each systole.

  • Ejection fraction = (Stroke volume / End Diastolic Volume) x 100

  • Normally its about 60%


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